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About Safi
Safi is a natural juice drink and nectar produced from fresh fruits and vegetables cultivated in ecological gardens and specially selected for juice production. The special processing of natural raw materials helps to preserve the natural fruits flavor
Who we are
8 steps of production
Fruits and vegetables within a few hours are delivered from the garden for processing, maintaining all the benefits and flavor
8 steps of production
Fruits are accepted and processed separately
Preparation of raw materials
8 steps of production
Producing a mass of fruits from which the juice is pressed
Crushing and pressing
8 steps of production
Pressed juice is made lighter by filtering at a molecular level
8 steps of production
The air is extracted from the juice by the vacuum pump, then quickly heated and cooled
8 steps of production
Filling takes place completely in a closed sterile space, with no access to air
Bottling and packaging
8 steps of production
Ready-made products are shipped to the warehousing
8 steps of production
Our juices are stored in temperature-controlled warehouses
is to produce only natural, safe, environmentally friendly products for healthy food, providing our consumers with the highest quality products for any ages and social status
Our mission
The most important part of our life and we uphold family values within our business
It is a key focus of our business - providing our customers with quality and healthy products
We continuously develop new products and improve formulations to satisfy our clients
We are responsible for the production process and the environment, according to the SDGs*
*Sustainable Development Goals
Our approach
We use the latest GIS technologies. This allows the products to keep their rich flavor and color
SIG technologies
We take water from a 220-metre well, from which water is extracted and purified
High-quality water
We verify each pack of juice and nectar to comply with international quality standards
Quality control laboratory
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